JT4: Flight and Tokyo

Just a couple of words about our flight to and first night in Tokyo.

Our flight left really early in the morning, at 06:10am!

Thankfully we didn't have checked baggage, which was a first for us in Japan (after a successful trial in New Zealand) so we only had to be there an hour early. Nevertheless we had to wake up even earlier than usual as our usual Gold Coast flight leaves much later. We also had to catch a taxi- I think it cost around $30 as we live quite close to the airport.

The flight to Cairns was uneventful, however our flight onwards to Tokyo (Narita) was delayed by the airline for some time. Next plane got stuck to the aerobridge, which was the airports fault. After completely failing to fix the Areobridge the plane ended up being towed horizontally away from the building.

All this fuss meant that we were quite late getting into Narita, arriving at 9pm instead of 8pm. Usually we catch the Narita Express but the Keisei line seemed to be more convenient and cheaper to get to our hotel in Mejiro. Originally we planned to catch a cheaper train on this line but as it was so late when we arrived we ended up catching the Sky Liner instead. It may have actually made more sense at this time to catch the Narita Express to Shinjuku, but by the time we realised this it was too late.

Anyway, after changing to the Yamanote line in Nippori we got off at Mejiro and walked down to our hotel. The Richmond Hotel we were staying at was a little old, but it was quite close to the station and not too expensive.

Upon checking in we were informed we had two packages waiting for us in our room, one was our pocket wifi from Global Advanced (we went with the bigger/faster model this time) and the other was our concert tickets!!

I had wanted to see a concert in Japan for ages and this trip I'd finally worked out how to find what was on with the help of a former interlink user.

This Japanese website was incredibly useful for check what's on: http://animetas.jp/ 

As far as buying tickets goes, it's really hard if you don't live in Japan! Even if you can read Japanese you really need a Japanese address and credit card or access to a convenience store in Japan.

Thankfully there are a couple of people taking advantage of this by offering to buy tickets and other things on behalf of people who can't, unfortunately this does add some expense.

Our Tickets!!
We used: http://www.fdjp.com/ and paid about an extra 3,315 yen (only half of that each though), everything was pretty quick and hassle free and the tickets were secured and delivered so I was really happy.

The seats were all standing, but numbered and the venue is CLUB CITTA' in nearby Kawasaki.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say who we were seeing!

ZAQ: First Live 2014!

I was pretty happy and excited as I have a few of her songs that I listen to and I really like them. So Yay!!

Anyway, after opening the packages we had quick showers and went to bed.

Tomorrow evening we have the concert but before that we were planning to have a bit of a look at some of the shops around Tokyo.

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